Bad Clowns: Hostage

Bad Clowns Comedy

What happens when a crazed madman takes a comedy show and its audience hostage? Find out in the Bad Clowns’ maddest show yet. Full of twists and turns and secret vendettas as the talented actors perform for the laughs, the thrills and their very lives!

Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off! – Finalists 2018

“Consistently Funny”
– Kingston-upon-Fringe

“Sharp and Hilarious”
– The River Online

A trio of comedic delights made up of close friends John Bond, Christian Dart and Sam Walls. With their blend of unique sketch and improv comedy the Bad Clowns have performed at various festivals around the UK including the Edinburgh Fringe.

60 Minutes
Suitable for 14+
£11 / £7
Strong language

Event Details

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