Capoeira Workshops by City Leaders

QMC School of Capoeira

The youth team of QMC School of Capoeira will be leading a Capoeira workshop, showing how the Brazilian martial art (that infuses music, dance and game) can help develop self-confidence, creativity and celebrate diversity and culture.

QMC School of Capoeira teaches the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. The school has run classes in Kingston & West London for over 12 years to support the development of well-rounded citizens of any age: kids, teens, adults and veterans. Over the years the school has received several awards, most recent ones being a finalist in two categories at the biggest Sports Awards in the UK “UK Coaching Awards 2017” for “Young Coach of the Year” & “Intervention Club of the Year”.

60 minutes
Suitable for 7+

Event Details

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