In Addition

Orange Skies Theatre

Set in a near-future Britain where healthcare is privatised, a young couple’s relationship is quietly pulled apart by an aggressive lack of sleep. A piece of physical theatre with score by YouTuber Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham, In Addition realises the spiralling of minute problems in a life without the NHS.

“Powerful… surreal and original” – Eastern Daily Press

Shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2018

Orange Skies Theatre is an emerging company from Norwich which aims to make new theatre with a political edge with young people from across East Anglia. They put an emphasis on research and development, new writing and devising. Their work has a grounding in physical theatre and a focus on complex and evocative scoring, creating a cinematic world on stage. Orange Skies is supported by Tangled Feet Theatre’s emerging companies mentoring scheme.

60 Minutes
Suitable for 14+
£11 / £7

Event Details

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