Miniature Worlds

Miniature Worlds
Miniature Worlds
Emma Marguerite Lynch

The work created here has been created especially for the festival to demonstrate the art form of model making. It is usual for a theatre designer to present their ideas for a performance in model form, at a scale of 1:25 (25 times smaller than it’s life-size equivalent). Emma has selected scenes from well known fairy tales and presented them at 1:25 in a display of her industry craft and artistic talent. The fantastical element of these stories lends itself to the creation of highly imaginative models, which have been placed specifically so that they become a part of their environment.


Event Details
  • Start Date
    8th July 2017
  • End Date
    16th July 2017
  • Location
    Rose Theatre Cafe
  • Organizer
    International Youth Arts Festival
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  • Address
    Kingston, KT1