The Art of Conflict

What Is Written Dance Company

Does humanity thrive on conflict? This new work is a montage of conflicts, disagreements and all-out war. It exposes humanity at its most vulnerable, beautiful, destructive and ugly. Incorporating the company’s unique urban style, a fusion of contemporary and hip-hop elements, the work features an original score combined with a striking lighting design and intense physicality. The Art of Conflict will lead you on a journey charged with tension and vulnerability.

★★★★ “They’re a force to be reckoned with. Part of a new generation with nothing to be sentimental about, What is Written doesn’t do twee, preferring to punch out physical statements.” – Peter Lindley, Morning Star

What Is Written Dance Company delivers meaningful experiences during their performances. They believe that even though dance can only change the world a little, it can change an individual’s world entirely.

75 minutes
Suitable for all ages
£13 / £9
Dim lighting / loud music

Event Details

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