How To… get the party started

How To... get the party started!

Rumsteppers – the DJS behind Tiny Dancer’s Family Rave – give us the lowdown on how to get the party started…

  1. Smile like you mean it. Whenever we go onstage, we’re the happiest we can possibly be. And even when there aren’t grins on our faces, it’ll be crystal clear to the whole room how much we love doing what we do – which translates into the mood of a crowd.
  2. Hit them with a tune they know … but remixed. People love to hear a tune they can sing along to, but what really makes things pop off is when that song suddenly morphs into a monster dance remix!
  3. Don’t be afraid of the mic! We love to talk to the audience, whether that be whipping up some hype buy ativan online uk before a big drop, or just chatting absolute nonsense.
  4. Chuck out a song with an action! “Everybody Get Down Low” or “Jump Around” tell people exactly what to do with themselves, and break the ice perfectly.
  5. Dance harder than your audience. If they’re looking at you going crazy, theres no room for anyone to be self conscious about looking stupid whilst throwing a few shapes on the dancefloor. Our family rave will also include glow sticks, face paint, bubbles and much more … so plenty to do with your hands!

Tiny Dancers Family Rave – the ultimate daytime music event – comes to IYAF on Saturday 14 July. DJs Rumsteppers will be playing the best Drum n Bass, House and Breaks in a safe, family-friendly environment. It’s a chance to dance the day away… and still be home at bedtime! Book you tickets here