Best of Brighton Fringe Awards

Best of Brighton Fringe 2019 Awards

Performing at Brighton Fringe this year?

Apply to one of the IYAF awards below and receive a free performance slot at our 2019 Festival.

Last year’s winners, Unmasked Theatre, said:

‘From start to finish the whole experience of being involved in IYAF in 2018 was really quite magical. The staff were incredibly friendly, supportive and genuinely interested in the work of our company.

To get to perform in such a prestigious and beautiful venue as The Rose was very special, and looks phenomenal on our company CV. Even though we have shelved our Antony and Cleopatra project for the time being, we’re in great conversation with the festival and the encouragement and support we have received has been both a humbling and exciting for our future endeavours.

Louise, Charlotte and the rest of the IYAF team have provided the most invaluable platform for young creative voices – our creative voices, and with that, we have felt heard.’

Register for the 2019 award here

IYAF presents inspiring work by creatives and performers under 27 and gives a low-risk platform to the stars of tomorrow. There will be 1 winner selected from each of the following categories:

  • Children & Families – Sunday 7 July
  • Comedy – Saturday 6 July
  • Theatre – Saturday 13 July

To be eligible for the award a lead creator (writer, director, performer) must be 26 or under, the show must be no longer than 60 minutes in duration.

Deadline for applications: Monday 15 April

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