Celebrating World Fringe Day in Kingston

Celebrating World Fringe Day in Kingston

Festival performers, supports and volunteers at the International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston Upon Thames, have joined together to celebrate the first World Fringe Day.

We are the UK’s biggest multi-arts fringe-style festival for artists aged 26 and under, hosting around 200 events by performers from all over the world. Kingston’s International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF) was set up in 2009 to support and give opportunities to younger performers who wanted to showcase new work to a bigger audience, and demonstrate that being young does not mean amateur.

Andy Currums, Festival Director said: “IYAF is proud to host such an eclectic mix of work and to be able to welcome so many new artists into the world of fringe festivals. It’s important that people of all ages, stages and nationalities are able to take artistic risk. Young art is not amateur art and that is what we are celebrating today in Kingston on World Fringe Day.”

The History of Fringe
World Fringe Day (11th July) marks the 70th anniversary of the first Fringe Festival in 1947 when eight groups arrived in Edinburgh hoping to perform at the newly formed Edinburgh International Festival but were refused entry to the programme. Rather than being discouraged from performing, they went ahead and performed on the fringe of the Festival anyway and so the Fringe concept was born.

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