As Above, So Below


This film project has been developed during the Fringe and Community Theatre Module on the BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Media course at Kingston College. Third year/level 6 students were given the stimulus of Neil Gaiman’s novel ‘Neverwhere’, in addition to the community issues of poverty, homelessness and disenfranchisement. The resulting work is a selection of strong pieces from this module, utilising digital film in creative and innovative ways for performance.




50 minutes




Charlie Round’s ‘Never (been) Where’ is the first film seen after the opening (30 secs in)

 Valeria Pilati’s film ‘Magpie’ can be seen (25:17 mins)

 Aaron Vincent’s film ‘A Voice from Below’ can be seen (36:51 mins)

 Chistopher Fotis’ film ‘The Painter’ can be seen (41:29 mins)

The Magpie
The Magpie is a controversial soul. They represent the essence of living poverty with an aesthetic. When life treats you harshly and society overlooks you as if you were invisible, the Magpie turns this struggle into a challenge, a life purpose, a life lesson. You’ve got to Pick a Pocket or two. In a light hearted and fun short music film the message wants to scream: LA VITA È BELLA! Life’s beautiful. If you start it off with a smile and willingness to see the beauty of it, it’s going to be a fun one!

A Voice from Below
A Voice from Below is a poem that explores the challenges of becoming homeless in a big city like London. This piece is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s famous book Neverwhere, where the main character Richard visits London Below and creates a bond with the disenfranchised. In exploring poverty, this short film uses visuals and sound, or the lack thereof to illustrate how the homeless community is disconnected and invisible to the rest of society. Drawing on those visuals and sound, A Voice from Below is a cry for help from a person in financial need.

The Painter
A short movie on a homeless ex-painter.

Like most of homeless people, he spends his time alone, with no people to speak with, losing slowly his past and self-awareness. He doesn’t only lack a house to live in but also a way to occupy himself with something.

His perception is getting distorted and he’s slowly losing his identity.

More than anything, he needs communication with other people through which he will redefine himself, as a human being.

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