You can’t keep circus locked down!

You can't keep circus locked down!
Cirque Du Chennai

11:00 BST, SATURDAY 4 JULY 2020

Cirque Du Chennai is a collective of amateur and professional performers who come together once a year to show off their stuff, all while raising funds for various charities each year. In the last 6 years we have raised over £5000. This year we have attempted to create a mini digital version of the show, with some newly learnt lock down skills! From hula hooping to fire eating, from dance to aerial silks, there’s something for everyone!

Photo: Akim Lowe



All ages


20 minutes




Our performers are all ages and abilities, with a focus on youth this year. We have seasoned professionals, and first timers in different circus disciplines. We had to get a bit creative because we can’t be upside down in the air at the moment!

Some of our performers have careers in circus, others train it as a hobby, the show has been a springboard for some, giving them an opportunity to perform, and the confidence to then build a career out of the art of circus.

Dosage and duration of administration are selected individually. Do not experiment yourself, you can get more serious side effects.

Due to Covid-19 this year’s festival has been created as an online experience. We hope you enjoy the festival and are inspired by the talented artists who are adapting to these challenging times. If you would like to see more of the international collaborations that have been demonstrated during Digifest, please consider making a donation to the charity here.

Any contribution, however big or small, is hugely appreciated.

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  • Start Date
    4th July 2020 11:00 BST
  • End Date
    4th July 2020 11:20 BST
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