How To… choreograph new work

How To... choreograph new work
Photo credit: Danilo Moroni

Lee Smikle – Ace choreographer and one of the creative forces behind this year’s Dance Futures show – talks us through his approach to developing new work.

  1. Choose an idea, music or subject that you the choreographer are passionate about or that you’ll be inspired by when researching and developing the work. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a subject you think your dancers / audience will like. Your passion will bring out their passion.
  1. Involve the dancers in the creative process, listen to their ideas and utilize their talent. Collaborate and share ownership of the work.
  1. Be open to your initial ideas changing throughout the process. Be flexible, generous and genuine.
  1. Take a break (or a few) when the creative flow is blocked. Chat, buy ambien pills online play a game, laugh or just actually take a break and be still.
  1. When possible, collaborate and involve other artists and people (mentors, designers, filmmakers, people you trust etc). This adds discoverable layers to the whole project and creative learning for all involved.

Dance Futures is a double-bill presented by Shoreditch Youth Dance, Smikle Dance Project and Quicksilver (Rambert youth dance company). An inventive fusion of contemporary dance, music and theatre – Dance Futures showcases the brilliant work of some of the UK’s most talented young dancers. Book tickets for the show on the 13th July here



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