How to… get into standup

How To... get into standup

The very funny and ‘fiercely impressive’ Sarah Callaghan brings her show to IYAF on 11th July. Fresh from hugely successful tour of Australia and New Zealand, Sarah shares with us her top tips on getting into stand-up.   

  1. Write and gig as much as possible. When you first start it’s good to hit up lots of open mic nights to perfect your stage presence and get your material out there. It’s also great to meet other comics and network – some comics run gigs which you could jump on so it’s always a good opportunity to be seen by people and get your name out there.
  2. Be prepared for the long road ahead! It’s not easy and there’s lots of ups and downs on the way but as long as you enjoy the process it will be ok! Constantly being judged by critics and audiences you have to build a thick skin, take everything with a pinch of salt and just keep going.
  3. Watch a lot of comedy but don’t get too affected. It’s cringe to see acts acting like more successful comedians – some do it on purpose but others I think have just become affected over time as they may just love a certain comedian so they take on their mannerisms or style etc. Watch enough to see the way they work but take those things and make them your own.
  4. Have a few heckle put downs in your back pocket – don’t freeze if someone shouts something out. Be confident and ask them to repeat what they said as it buys you a bit of time to respond calmly. You’re in charge, you have the microphone – usually the heckler is an idiot anyway and the audience will be on your side. Just shut them down and keep going!
  5. And finally, last but not least, the most important rule – don’t be a d*ck.