IYAF Spotlight 2018: Dance

IYAF Spotlight 2018: Dance

The International Youth Arts Festival is just around the corner here in Kingston and our programmes are all ready to roll! From dance performances to comedy shows, music on the streets to theatre in the Rose, we’ve got something here for everyone.

In particular, here are some of our dance programme highlights, featuring both local and international creative talent:

Dance Futures
Rose Main House
Friday 13th July 19:30

A double bill presented by Quicksilver, Rambert’s youth dance company & Shoreditch Youth Dance (SYD) and Smikle Dance Project, Dance Futures celebrates the diverse technical abilities and creative ingenuity of our young contemporary dance groups. Both groups will be putting their own spin on precedents — Quicksilver will be putting up pieces inspired by the vast repertoire of Rambert, while SYD and Smikle Dance Project will be offering a contemporary twist on the classic fairy tale Hansel & Gretel.

Note: This is a Royal Gala performance that will be attended by VIPs including HRH The Earl of Wessex, who is patron of IYAF’s parent charity Creative Youth.

Pan African Dance Heritage
Rose Main House
Tuesday 10th July 19:30

This year, you can also look forward to the varied repertoire of complex melodies and movements put together by Pan African Dance Heritage, a traditional music and dance group based in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Accompanied by an array of African drums sure to captivate, the group will be recreating on stage the beauty and diversity of Ghana and African music and dance.

International Dance Showcase
ACT Main House
Tuesday 10th July 19:30

Join us for an unforgettable night of dance from both national and international groups, featuring performances from Rambert School, Lucinda Walsh School of Dance, Dance Ventures, Dynamic Dance Studios, Hope Gemmell and Surbiton High School. Come watch the dance stars of the future today!


But that’s not all! We have a great mix of dance offerings for everyone here at the Festival, whether you are a frequent patron of dance performances or are new to the art.

If you’re just coming into learning about dance, or curious about its history, how about journeying through A Century of Dance with us? Through a series of sketches, voiceovers, music, movement and projection, the dancers from Amplify Dance Theatre will take us from the energetic Charleston during the Great Depression through to after-work clubbing in the 90s, exploring how you, and your ancestors, have moved for 100 years.

A Century of Dance
ACT Studio
Saturday 14th July 18:00
Sunday 15th July 14:30

If you’d like to experience a wide range of dance styles, come celebrate our extraordinary young talent performing in the Elmbridge Youth Dance Showcase. Brought together by Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, the only arts centre in Elmbridge, the Showcase provides a platform for over 100 young dancers from leading schools and dance schools in the borough to experience to showcase their spectacular skills.

Elmbridge Youth Dance Showcase
Rose Main House
Wednesday 11th July 19:30

For a taste of the geometric possibilities of dance, we have Eleanor Tapper Dance Company taking us to a slightly different Vantage Point, exploring the use of tessellations, impossible objects and illusions. The images created by the dancers form an intriguing visual puzzle for the audience to solve, transforming the viewer into both an investigator of the work and part of the work at the same time.

Vantage Point
ACT Main House
Sunday 8th July 20:00

Through dance, the body speaks, and we see this no better than in Manifest by Urban Interface Dance UK. Physicalising our inner feelings, Manifest explores our strongest and darkest impulses. A truthful story for all dream-chasers, the show comes fresh from this year’s Brighton Fringe and has been invited to perform internationally at the CPH Stage Denmark 2018.

ACT Main House
Wednesday 11th July 20:00

Last but not least, if you are interested in how dance’s discursive dimension, look out for The Art of Conflict by What Is Written Dance Company and What Would Happen if Everything Fell Silent? by Empty Vessels Dance Company.

The Art of Conflict is a montage of conflicts, disagreements and all-out war, exposing humanity at its most vulnerable, beautiful, destructive, and ugly, all through the company’s unique fusion of contemporary and hip-hop styles.

The Art of Conflict
ACT Main Hour
Sunday 15th July 17:30

On the other hand, What Would Happen if Everything Fell Silent is a triple bill investigating the idea of restlessness, and the mental and physical chaos and disorder it creates. Feelings of exhaustion, weakness, displacement and uncertainty all come together to inform the movement and structure of these three haunting pieces.

What Would Happen If Everything Fell Silent?
ACT Main House
Monday 9th July 17:30

Tickets to all shows at the International Youth Arts Festival Kingston are on sale at the Rose Theatre Box Office, available in person, online, and by phone.No, of course you can feel joy or sadness, but if you are very painful and hard, you can take two or three milligrams, and everything will get better. Read more information about the drug on Ativan Shop.